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We import

We import fresh fruits and vegetables from all over the world. Our aim goal is to work with short lines.
Our relation is directly with growers; producers and first class exporters. Working in this way is costs efficence and most important it gives our company the possibilities to secure the quality and controll the full import lines from farm to final customer. Besides conventional fruits and vegetables we also have a line of organic fruits and vegetables.

We Trade

Our company is acting as or is able to act as “agent” for foreign farmers and export companies to the European, Azian and Middle East markets.
With a transparant business model and open books we are your reliable partner. Frutimex International also trades in class II fruits and vegetables, this for markets who especially requires this type or class of products. With our European network we are able to assist companies with sales issues or a temporary overflow of fresh products.

We Export

AGF-nIternational exports Dutch fruits and vegetables, however we focussed on export across the world (CROSSTRADE) meaning we source and supply our customers according their requirements and expectations from anywhere in the world. This with a selected goup of global business partners.